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来自CA88学生 行为守则

有关详细信息,请参阅我们的 制裁学生概况.

临时暂停 - 当学生开发和参与的副总裁/副校长时,临时分离第一平台的学生,相信这种分离是必要的,或者在大学课堂中断政策下的教师会员要求时,从课堂上课程。

改进的临时悬架 - The Respondent is temporarily removed from 住房和居住生活 Residence Halls and may not reside within any residential hall rooms associated with any property of Winston-Salem State University until their case has been resolved or appeal approved. The Respondent is allowed to continue with his or her education by completing course work and attending classes, but will only be allowed onto the premises thirty (30) minutes prior to his or her class (es) and thirty (30) minutes after his or her class (es). After Respondent’s thirty (30) minute grace period on the campus is completed, if Respondent is found to be remaining on-campus without being cleared by the Chief of the CA88 Police Department, Associate Provost/Vice Chancellor of Student Development and Engagement, or the Director of Community Standards & Civility, he or she will be deemed in-violation of the terms of their Modified Interim 悬挂 and therefore, will have his or her 改进的临时悬架 changed to encompass all aspects of an 临时暂停 (immediate temporarily removal from all aspects of the CA88 community). Meaning that Respondent’s ability to continue attending classes will now be suspended and Respondent will be arrested for trespassing if found on the grounds of CA88 or associated property.

开除 - 从大学永久分离,只能通过书面请愿书陪同陪同恢复文件。应考虑从驱逐日期之前提前(2)年的恢复申请。

悬挂 - 与大学分离,以获得一定的时间,这与学术学期或夏季会议的官方结束一致。在暂停时间框架期间,学生不允许在CA88的前提下,也不允许大学任何相关房屋。如果授予副总裁/副校长的事先允许学生开发和参与,学生才允许学生。

递延悬挂 - Is used for offenses found serious enough to warrant suspension, but where the specific circumstances of the case mitigate the offense or for repeated offenses of a less serious nature. Deferred Suspension is a designated period of time during which a student is given the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to abide by the community's expectations of behavior articulated in the Code. During a Deferred Suspension, the student will be officially suspended from the University, but the suspension will be deferred, meaning that the student may continue to attend classes at this time, however, the suspension will be automatically enforced for failure to complete any assigned sanctions by the deadline and/or for any subsequent new infractions while on the open Deferred Suspension sanction, unless the Director of Community Standards & Civility determines otherwise in exceptional circumstances. Students on Deferred 悬挂 will be limited in their abilities to represent the University on any athletic team, hold an office in any registered student organization, represent the University in any extracurricular activity or official function, participate in the Greek Intake process, or participate in any study abroad program. 递延悬挂 may also include the denial of specific University privileges, including but not limited to, attendance at athletic functions and residence hall visitation for a designated period of time.

学科缓刑 - The loss, for a specified period of time, of designated social privileges. Designated social privileges include but are not limited to: Varsity sports, Intramural sports, Band(s) and choir(s), Fraternities and Sororities, Participation in student organizations, Serving in a leadership capacity in any student organization, the right to represent the University in any special activity, and/or Residency in University Housing. Certain stipulations may apply and can be modified at the discretion of the Director for Community Standards & Civility.

警告处分 - 以书面形式提供的官方谴责,建议学生对学生对CA88学生行为的行为进行建议,并进一步建议学生在两(2)年期间内的任何自然侵犯任何后期会自动导致纪律处分。

常驻房屋撤销  - 在Winston-Salem国家大学或CA88的相关理由下,将不被允许在任何大学拥有的居留大厅中居住在任何大学拥有的学生。如果学生返回(在可能的暂停时间框架或读数之后),他或她将不被允许申请学年期间的住房。

临时住房撤销 - 意味着学生不会被允许生活在任何大学拥有的居留大厅,并在Winston-Salem State Univity大学的隶属于被记录的时间内完成。如果发现学生违反制裁的规定,他或她的临时住房撤销将自动增加到永久住房撤销。

延期住房撤销 - Means that the student's housing contract will be officially revoked, but the revocation will be deferred. This means that the student may continue to live in the selected residential hall, however, the revocation from the residential hall will be automatically enforced for failure to complete any assigned sanctions by the deadline and/or for any subsequent violations while on the open sanction, unless the Director of Community Standards & Civility, Assistant Dean of Health, Wellness and Prevention Services, and/or Associate Provost/Vice Chancellor for Student Development and Engagement determines otherwise in exceptional circumstances. Further violation of the policies can and will result in the permanent revocation of the student(s) housing privileges and the permanent cancellation of student(s) housing contract indefinitely. At which time student(s) will be removed from housing immediately, responsibly for all remaining charges/fines, and responsible for securing housing off-campus.

住房缓刑 - 学生将在此官方通知将其放在住房缓刑。学生需要将其行为修改为第一平台生活指南以及住房和居住生活住房合同中的条款。进一步违反任何政策,并将导致撤销学生的住房特权和取消他或她的住房合同。他或她将从住房中删除,负责保护住房校外。

警告处分  - 写作中提供的官方谴责,致力于学生符合学生对守则的行为,并进一步建议学生在两(2)期内的学生随后违反同一性质,将自动导致制裁增加纪律试用。

调解 - 当可解决争议发生时,用于代替传统的模型代码制裁方法。解决争端的这种方法利用涉及党和听力官员之间的口头,面对面的教育对话。在教育谈话中,所涉及的党或缔约方将有能力沟通涉嫌事件,并将实施建议的解决方案。将在电子纪律档案中进行教育谈话的符号。

无接触令 - 当包括但不限于欺凌,跟踪,不需要的行为的情况等,需要相互“无联系人”订单等。没有联系人订单意味着需要切断所有形式的通信,直到友好的分辨率缔约方发生了。

归还 - 偿还作为学生违反守则的直接或间接后果所产生的任何费用。

社区服务 - 在特定时间内为第一平台部门,部门,教师或工作人员或校外实体或校外实体的志愿服务。

教育制裁 - 包括具体和/或一般反思论文,参与教育方案,解决违规,指导,创意制裁,有助于恢复对社区的危害或教育学生从不同的角度教育。

大学咨询的教育规程 - A student who has an infraction associated with infractions pertaining to alcohol, controlled/illegal substances, disorderly conduct, and/or Title IX, can be sanctioned with having to complete an educational session via different electronic/physical programs (ex. Alcohol EDU program, e-Toke Marijuana Screening, e-Chug Alcohol Screening, Drug Education Class, Anger Management/Making Positive Choices Class, Interpersonal Violence & Prevention Class) sponsored through the University Counseling and Wellness Center, the Office of Community Standards & Civility, the Office of Interpersonal Violence & Prevention, and the Office of 第九条/EEO).

学生进行纪律处分 - 这持有人将持续生效,直到学生面临可能的纪律处分与行为官员有关其可能的违规行为。这意味着他或她无法获得他们的成绩,成绩单,并且没有能力注册课程。




违反正当程序 - 适当的过程需要通知和听到的机会。违反了适当的过程意味着由于指定的程序错误,或大学政策或法规解释的错误,没有提供所需的通知或有机会,这是有效地否认受访者的展示如此重大听力。除非被访者可以表明,除非被访者可以表明,除非偏差或错误,否则与本规则中规定的程序的合理偏差不会使决定或程序无效,但对于偏差或错误,情况可能会在案例中存在不同的结果。

物质偏离实质性和程序标准 -  实质性和程序标准的材料偏离要求达到的决定既不是任意的也不反复无常。实质标准的材料偏差意味着在可以支持决策或制裁的记录中缺乏信息。这并不意味着可以在上诉时重新争辩在听证会上的信息;相反,它需要一个表明没有合理的人可以根据记录中的信息履行被答复的人负责,或者可以征收签发的制裁。与程序标准的材料偏差意味着在可以支持该决定的记录中缺乏信息是由于导致所提供的证据或被排除的证据的程序错误。